Friday, October 2, 2009

Doot-To-Door Salesman...No Sale!

Frankly my dear(s), I'm just a little embarrassed that our president flew to Denmark to knock on the doors of the Olympic Committee and sell them a package marked, "Made in Chicago."
The reason for this feeling is that; 1. while the Olympics are a worthwhile event; 2. while it might have been good for Chicago; 3; while President Obama is a personable and convincing man...meanwhile, back at the Oval Office, there is serious business to be done for this nation.
This jaunt to Denmark ended with a cold shower for our president while the politics of health care, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, a belligerent North Korea, earthquakes around the ring-of-fire (around the circle of the Pacific Ocean), are heating up. It seemed poorly timed and poorly judged for the president of the (hopefully, still) greatest nation in the world, to leave the debate team in the middle of crucial talks and go outdoors for recess and play on the swings of the Olympic lottery.
Arguably, President Obama is one of the best spoken presidents since Kennedy or Roosevelt, whom I clearly remember. But polish, finesse, and attitude failed this time out and I see this as a deliberate slap in the face by the Old World for the "new kid on the block." As I said; this is embarrassing. Perhaps something will be learned.
Just for perspective as to where we are in time and prophetic history, listen to the words of Christ and measure them against what is happening in the world day by day. "For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of sorrows (birth pains)." [Matthew 24:7 and 8]
Let's see; is anything going on between nations? (there isn't enough space to list them all); are there any famines? Thirty thousand children in the world die every day from malnutrition related disease. Are there pestilences? Anybody heard of E-bola, H1N1, HIV, the reappearance of tuberculosis, etc! Any news about earthquakes?
If we put our ear to the door where lives the agnostics, ignostics, and atheists, we will hear something like..." Oh, these kinds of things have been going on for millennia, and this is just another cycle in a world that goes round and round..."
In closing, I view President Obama's absence from his post as a sign of inexperience in his assigned role as leader (I'll say that again) leader, of these United States and the ever shrinking free-world.
In case you're wondering, the answer to the intrinsic, unstated question in all these problems is found in the book of Revelation: "Even so, come, Lord Jesus." [Rev. 22:20].
God bless! We need it! e.c.

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