Sunday, July 31, 2011

Christian vs. Christ

Like many others, I've been following  the recent, tragic events in Norway. This morning the rhetoric shifted away from the murderer and focused on conservative commentators who protest that the man be called Christian. O'Reilly was today's target for vitriol. I guess that's supposed to make some sort of a logical segue. It doesn't. It seems more opportunistic and exoparasitic, to this writer. When logic fails...attack...whoever or whatever is least liked in the moment!
This event is particularly noisome to me for at least seven reasons:
1. My heritage is Nordic (read Norwegian)
2. The last name is certainly Christian...sen
3. Unashamedly and without apology, I follow Christ
3a. (To the curious, I can explain what that means )
4. Conservative, I am
5. Political, I try not to be, except to fulfill civic duties
6. Politics + religion = the Dark ages, Nazi Germany, Et alii
6a. (Read Eric Metaxas [Bonhoeffer] and see the mix of "a religion and a politik." Hitler appointed his own Reichsbishof
7. In the end, the mixing of religion and politics will bring the end.
The present argument is whether or not the perpetrator (read murderer) is a Christian. Some opine that because he "says" he is Christian, that must be the case.
Hitler used religion to further his evil means. That he was not killed in the bomb blast that shredded his trousers, he took as an omen of his divine appointment.
Stalin studied to be a priest...and what does that conclude?
Between the two of them, their religion, their manifestos, their politiks...add whatever else you wish to this list...they murdered tens of millions of innocent people.
Christ captured the essence of what it means to follow Him in very simple words: "By this shall all men know that you are My disciples; if you have love one for another." [John 13:35].
Ummm, where in this verse does one find their ticket to take the lives of others in the name of God and His Christ?
It's not there! It's not anywhere. Therefore, we know the conclusion of the matter: Those who are "Killers For Christ" are "Hell's Angels"...not the motorcycle, something much more sinister, deceitful, and evil than those graying old men. This misguided farmer in Norway...all his blogging aside...was a faithful servant of Lucifer. "By their fruits you shall know them." [Matt. 7:16]
And to finish with an Irish flair, "What say you?" O'Christiansen. ec

Monday, July 25, 2011


"I have set watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem; they shall never hold their peace day nor night. You who make mention of the Lord, do not keep silent, and give Him no peace till He makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth," [Isaiah 62; 6, 7]
As I see it, the time has come to "...give Him no peace..." Yesterday I received an email which can only only be described as interesting. Does anyone remember (or care) about all that Adventist stuff the church has been preaching for over a hundred years? You know; Sunday laws, labor unions, nations and churches uniting on common points...stuff that I believe BTW...well, the European Sunday Coalition [ESC] represents everything we've been talking about. Imagine that...the Seventh-day Adventists are (evidently) spot-on again. That will probably anger some and frighten others.
So, this watchman is just doing what we're supposed to do. I never offer up this kind of material without first making certain that it is authentic. It is. Yesterday I googled this much [european sund...] and up it came. So I clicked on ESC and the entire first page was literally nothing else.
I guess you thought I would put up a link...right? You are right. This is not the email, this is an original source. All the skeptics should google ESC and follow each and every link just to see where it goes.
This event captures one's attention because of the following events that are taking place in the United States;
1. Political there's an understatement
2. Labor union political unrest...remember  Madison, WI?
3. Washington DC's admiration of all things European
4. The Supreme Court's interest in European law
5. etc., etc., etc.,
As you will read (should you choose) you'll find that this coalition is made up of existing national Sunday alliances, trade unions, civil society organizations, and religious communities. The last one should read, churches.
Anyway, without further delay, here's the link. [Nice work, EW!]

That's enough to think about for this morning. I have an assingment on the wall today; watching. e.c.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Christian? This is what Norwegian police are calling the farmer who killed more than 100 people on Friday; both in the city of Oslo and on an island near Oslo. Not only are they calling him Christian, but are saying he was a conservative...Christian.
The message seems to be this; that conservative Christians are suspect and possibly dangerous. We are lumped together in very much the same way as the various species of Islam are put into the same pot, stirred up, and served up as desperate and probably dangerous..
I am Norwegian. Perhaps one of my lineage was slaughtered, and for what? It was done to make a political an alleged "conservative" against liberals.
There will come a time in the history of the world when those who follow Christ as true disciples will feel the wrath of those who do not.
I think of Glenn Beck (whom I have not followed) when he and his wife were attending an outdoor movie in Central Park, New York. His wife was attacked (a thrown object) by some poor savage who screamed, "We hate conservatives!"
The shadows that are even now playing on the walls as political in-fighting in our nation's capital portend the future of greater meanness at all levels. Pathetically, this will come packaged in  three colors: Politics, Humanism and Religion.
We are a humanistic nation in spite of the religious rhetoric. If the reader wants to learn more about humanism, it goals, methods, manifesto, etc., follow the link; probably after Sabbath. e.c.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Two Questions

Yesterday was an interesting day. It started out like most others; at 5:30 am the little one (Domino) licking my hand, to wake me up and go out for "our walk."
As readers well know, I'm not shy about my religion nor my relationship with the Christ. I don't tout it, it's more effective to live it.
About the questions: Yesterday I had two people stop and engage me in conversation about spiritual matters. One works at a local lumber store, the other is a neighbor. One asked about end-time events, the other wanted Bible texts about what happens when you die.
The Lord and I had an exceptionally close walk and talk yesterday morning...I always talk out loud to Him while walking along the road...who's to hear, except the Lord and the deer?
Anyway, to one question I e-mailed a letter and to the other I attached a Power Point study to an e-mail. I say, "Praise the Lord for the opportunity!
I almost forgot; there was a third but there was no question. At the reception desk in a doctor's office the lady was telling me she had diabetes. So what did I do but tell her to Google

I told her, chances are good that if she decides to follow this diet for just thirty days her doctor may decide to lower her diabetes meds; and that would be a good thing.
If anyone is diabetic and interested enough to make a lifestyle change, check out the Mayo Clinic Diabetes Diet. This would be a good thing to do. Of course, like everything else in life, one has to choose to do this.
So, that was it; two questions, one "consult." Thank You Lord.e.c.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Vacations: an unusual departure, but still serious

 Everybody likes a vacation. We used to get vacation pay while we had jobs. No more. Next year...we've already had our vacation for 2011...instead of taking a vacation, I hope to give one as a gift. And who do we hope is the lucky winner? Barack Obama!
The man has sauntered through these few years puffing away while jobs and the economy go up in smoke. Obama loves to holiday and golf while millions are unemployed and either have lost, or are loosing, their homes.  So, spread the word and give the president (small case in this case) a permanent vacation from public service...or whatever it is he thinks he's  doing...certainly it's not service for the nation, and more certainly, it's not well done. ec

Monday, July 11, 2011


Our walk this morning (5:15) was more inspiring than usual; it must have been the incredible quiet that surrounded us. There was no wind, not even a breeze. Nothing. There were no sounds of birds singing or dogs barking. None.
Now I understand more clearly why it was that Jesus went out to pray in the early morning while the rest of the world was asleep.
It was so quiet that when I talked to Him I whispered, and He heard every word. Mostly I prayed for the Holy Spirit to come into my life more fully and more compellingly. These are the last days and the world is teetering on the edge of time...but does not know it...and sadly, does not care. This is a world that believes it can get along "just fine" without God.
Lord, while it is called, Today, give me both a person and the privilege to speak to about You. Someday...soon I pray...Today will evaporate into eternity. And because of this the top of my "To Do" list reads; "Tell someone about Christ; His love, His character, His sacrifice, the price that has been paid (in full) for the salvation of each soul...tell them the truth about God; while it is still, Today. [Hebrews chapter 4] e.c.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Five Days Maketh Fat

Once a year comes a week of dreadful days; especially to those old, cranky, and generally out of sorts with those, and things, younger, happier, and noisy.
Noise is what it's all about; firecracker kinds of noise. I'm as patriotic as the next old man...but only for one day. Here, the 4th of July goes on and on like a middle-eastern wedding;days and nights of reveling in an explosive Iwo Jima-like assault on the senses...nights mostly...noise and debris is everywhere.
We have neighbors (nice young people) who find it not at all unusual to buy $1,000.00 of pyrotechnics. Do you know how long it takes to shoot of that much stuff?
For the next six months I'll be picking up pieces of plastic and cardboard that are the "smithereens" of the show. Sadly, we were not here, but at Potlatch State park among tall, ancient fir trees.
If campfire smoke were carcinogenic I would be worried. What is camping without a campfire? Five days eating and napping is a recipe for weight gain. Two days; I will wait two days before I even look at the scales, and then...maybe.
Anyway, we're back and this blather will pick up pretty much where it left off...somewhere in the middle of nothing. e.c.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Digging my "Rut"

I promised not to complain about the weather, so I will merely "report" that this computer tells me it is 38 degrees in Shelton, 58 in Victorville, CA, and 80 in Mesa, AZ; but we have there!
My great-grandmother (Leticia Virginia) used to say "I feel better when I'm in a rut." Only, she had that nasal, "old South," Luray, Virginia twang in her voice. In my head I can hear her but I can't put it on the page. O, that's right! Luray is in Page County, VA. (sorry).
But we were talking about a rut. I'm a foggy sort of way.
Here, for the fascination of all is "My Rut."
Awaken somewhere between 5:15 and 5:45 by a little dog sitting on my chest, licking my forehead. When I peek out under the covers she's still there, usually about 3-5 inches away...two black eyes staring at me saying, "I gotta pee."
So and the two dogs...get up and go for our walk. For me it's a prayer walk...a conversation of sorts. Back home the little one goes into her Tasmanian Devil routine, running the length of the cabin, jump on the couch, spin around a few times, growl ferociously, and do it all over again.
Do the blogging thing about important issues of the day.
Read from the is 2nd Peter, 2nd chapter.
Fix my breakfast...something ugly like lentils, a tomato, and toast.
Decide whether or not to shower...I guess not. I did that last evening. Besides, how dirty can you get sleeping?
Go to work somewhere on the property. The present pressing project is moving dirt onto the drain field where the rains have eroded it away. Fine grading, putting down a mesh material over the dirt, cover that with playground cover (that's thin pieces of cedar strips and shavings, yada...yada. (Is everyone asleep yet; maybe I can just stop right here....."
So, that's my rut, but I don't feel any better by talking about it, and now I have to do it.
Thank you Lord that I'm still able and don't need a cane. (Sorry). e.c.
p.s. I said to my wife, "Would you publish my post?" And she said, "You do that! That'd be a crime!"...the lonely, sorry, life of a writer...and no respect.