Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Five Days Maketh Fat

Once a year comes a week of dreadful days; especially to those old, cranky, and generally out of sorts with those, and things, younger, happier, and noisy.
Noise is what it's all about; firecracker kinds of noise. I'm as patriotic as the next old man...but only for one day. Here, the 4th of July goes on and on like a middle-eastern wedding;days and nights of reveling in an explosive Iwo Jima-like assault on the senses...nights mostly...noise and debris is everywhere.
We have neighbors (nice young people) who find it not at all unusual to buy $1,000.00 of pyrotechnics. Do you know how long it takes to shoot of that much stuff?
For the next six months I'll be picking up pieces of plastic and cardboard that are the "smithereens" of the show. Sadly, we were not here, but at Potlatch State park among tall, ancient fir trees.
If campfire smoke were carcinogenic I would be worried. What is camping without a campfire? Five days eating and napping is a recipe for weight gain. Two days; I will wait two days before I even look at the scales, and then...maybe.
Anyway, we're back and this blather will pick up pretty much where it left off...somewhere in the middle of nothing. e.c.

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