Sunday, July 31, 2011

Christian vs. Christ

Like many others, I've been following  the recent, tragic events in Norway. This morning the rhetoric shifted away from the murderer and focused on conservative commentators who protest that the man be called Christian. O'Reilly was today's target for vitriol. I guess that's supposed to make some sort of a logical segue. It doesn't. It seems more opportunistic and exoparasitic, to this writer. When logic fails...attack...whoever or whatever is least liked in the moment!
This event is particularly noisome to me for at least seven reasons:
1. My heritage is Nordic (read Norwegian)
2. The last name is certainly Christian...sen
3. Unashamedly and without apology, I follow Christ
3a. (To the curious, I can explain what that means )
4. Conservative, I am
5. Political, I try not to be, except to fulfill civic duties
6. Politics + religion = the Dark ages, Nazi Germany, Et alii
6a. (Read Eric Metaxas [Bonhoeffer] and see the mix of "a religion and a politik." Hitler appointed his own Reichsbishof
7. In the end, the mixing of religion and politics will bring the end.
The present argument is whether or not the perpetrator (read murderer) is a Christian. Some opine that because he "says" he is Christian, that must be the case.
Hitler used religion to further his evil means. That he was not killed in the bomb blast that shredded his trousers, he took as an omen of his divine appointment.
Stalin studied to be a priest...and what does that conclude?
Between the two of them, their religion, their manifestos, their politiks...add whatever else you wish to this list...they murdered tens of millions of innocent people.
Christ captured the essence of what it means to follow Him in very simple words: "By this shall all men know that you are My disciples; if you have love one for another." [John 13:35].
Ummm, where in this verse does one find their ticket to take the lives of others in the name of God and His Christ?
It's not there! It's not anywhere. Therefore, we know the conclusion of the matter: Those who are "Killers For Christ" are "Hell's Angels"...not the motorcycle, something much more sinister, deceitful, and evil than those graying old men. This misguided farmer in Norway...all his blogging aside...was a faithful servant of Lucifer. "By their fruits you shall know them." [Matt. 7:16]
And to finish with an Irish flair, "What say you?" O'Christiansen. ec

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