Saturday, July 23, 2011


Christian? This is what Norwegian police are calling the farmer who killed more than 100 people on Friday; both in the city of Oslo and on an island near Oslo. Not only are they calling him Christian, but are saying he was a conservative...Christian.
The message seems to be this; that conservative Christians are suspect and possibly dangerous. We are lumped together in very much the same way as the various species of Islam are put into the same pot, stirred up, and served up as desperate and probably dangerous..
I am Norwegian. Perhaps one of my lineage was slaughtered, and for what? It was done to make a political an alleged "conservative" against liberals.
There will come a time in the history of the world when those who follow Christ as true disciples will feel the wrath of those who do not.
I think of Glenn Beck (whom I have not followed) when he and his wife were attending an outdoor movie in Central Park, New York. His wife was attacked (a thrown object) by some poor savage who screamed, "We hate conservatives!"
The shadows that are even now playing on the walls as political in-fighting in our nation's capital portend the future of greater meanness at all levels. Pathetically, this will come packaged in  three colors: Politics, Humanism and Religion.
We are a humanistic nation in spite of the religious rhetoric. If the reader wants to learn more about humanism, it goals, methods, manifesto, etc., follow the link; probably after Sabbath. e.c.

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