Monday, July 25, 2011


"I have set watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem; they shall never hold their peace day nor night. You who make mention of the Lord, do not keep silent, and give Him no peace till He makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth," [Isaiah 62; 6, 7]
As I see it, the time has come to "...give Him no peace..." Yesterday I received an email which can only only be described as interesting. Does anyone remember (or care) about all that Adventist stuff the church has been preaching for over a hundred years? You know; Sunday laws, labor unions, nations and churches uniting on common points...stuff that I believe BTW...well, the European Sunday Coalition [ESC] represents everything we've been talking about. Imagine that...the Seventh-day Adventists are (evidently) spot-on again. That will probably anger some and frighten others.
So, this watchman is just doing what we're supposed to do. I never offer up this kind of material without first making certain that it is authentic. It is. Yesterday I googled this much [european sund...] and up it came. So I clicked on ESC and the entire first page was literally nothing else.
I guess you thought I would put up a link...right? You are right. This is not the email, this is an original source. All the skeptics should google ESC and follow each and every link just to see where it goes.
This event captures one's attention because of the following events that are taking place in the United States;
1. Political there's an understatement
2. Labor union political unrest...remember  Madison, WI?
3. Washington DC's admiration of all things European
4. The Supreme Court's interest in European law
5. etc., etc., etc.,
As you will read (should you choose) you'll find that this coalition is made up of existing national Sunday alliances, trade unions, civil society organizations, and religious communities. The last one should read, churches.
Anyway, without further delay, here's the link. [Nice work, EW!]

That's enough to think about for this morning. I have an assingment on the wall today; watching. e.c.

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