Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sleep with dogs and you get.....Go to bed with the EU, and you may wake up cross(less).....or something like that. This will be all over the news but it is interesting and portending nonetheless. It seems that an immigrant family moved from eastern Europe to Italy. They sent their child to public school, and guess what; there was a crucifix on the schoolroom wall. Imagine that. So the family, being politically, properly incensed, filed suit.
The EU court has handed down their politically correct atheistic/agnostic/ignostic opinion and has ruled that a crucifix is an offense to the privacy and sensibilities of parents and children.
Italy is angry!
The Pope is angry!
So what are Adventists to make of this, if anything?
Here's what I think: The (essentially) godless countries of Europe are trying to hold sway over other nations in matters of conscience and (essentially) a national religious preference. I can understand the EU having opinions in matters of currency, trade, war, politics, etc., etc. But in this case what (I think) we are seeing is a "preview" of things to come; a little like the previews in the movie theater I used to go to as a kid.
Virtually all of the Scandinavian countries are godless. France led the way a couple hundred years ago or more. Churches are converted into other uses; like taverns, grocery stores, fish markets, etc. (In Malmo, Sweden a former church is now called the "fisk kirken," or the fish church. I visited Malmo, so I know this is true).
What is the point? Godlessness and single-person-rights will continue to grow and hold us by the throat until there is an uprising and backlash that will unwind what the godless have done. Then.....the tide will turn under political and popular pressure as the Beast of Daniel and Revelation and the two-horned nation that unites with the Beast and together they raise a common voice and prosecute a common path of persecution.
Either way, a crucifix taken down, or one put nailed up; the Beast will begin rousing her faithful to put a nail in the heart of the present trend of dismantling God.
It's going to start getting very interesting. God Bless. e.c.

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