Saturday, July 6, 2013

Lost in the Thicket of Thinking

It's been a year or so since the last post and there is much to report...which by necessity of  the sisters,  "Privacy" and "Paranoia"...will go unreported. We write not from the forest but the desert where there are but three seasons; cold-and-windy, warm-and-windy, hot-and-windy...which may much describe text and context of most blogging.
If any are interested in a month or so of reading consider downloading (for free) "The History of The Reformation" by Merle D'Aubigne. Written in the 1800's, it comes on the relative heels of those who, like the apostles of Christ, turned the world and the Church upside down.
Lutherans can rediscover why they are who they are, and what they are or, ought to be. Protestants of all species (read denominations) owe a large debt to the men who brought a page of scripture to life in today' church of Christ on the earth...which is not a denomination but a world-wide communion of saints who hold to the foundational principles of Sola Scriptura, Sola Fide, Sola Gratia, Solus Christus and Soli Deo Gloria!
The man or woman who believes...presumably sincerely...that by any work or works they can secure or insure salvation is a contradiction to the atoning sufficiency of the perfect, sinless life of the Christ and perhaps doubly so to His death on the cross which paid for our sins and FULL!
This was a central pillar of the Reformation and remains unchanged today. Some chip away at the Rock with sharp words spawned by less-sharp ideas, but the Truth about Christ (Messiah) remains what is has been from the beginning; unchanged and unchangable.
It is the man and woman changed by Christ and His indwelling Holy Spirit who asks, "LORD, what can I do to serve You?" Service to God (works) follows Salvation. To reverse the order is adverse to the Plan of Salvation laid down by the Trinity before the Creation of the World.
Blessings in the Name of Jesus Christ. ed

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