Friday, September 25, 2009

But There IS, Sulphur

All Americans should be thrilled: Hugo Chavez, "The Mouth", (La Boca), The Thug of Venezuela...he likes us! Yesterday, at the UN, Chavez was key of course...of President Obama. Any political person or administration that is popular with international thugs and miscreants of all stripes, must be doing something wrong. Right?
Glad-handing, back-slapping, and rhetoric delivered with the velvet-smooth assistance of teleprompters, does not a president make. Frankly, I am awaiting the emergence something more mature and accountable to the people of the United States than a policy of being a "nice guy" to the world.
If it is up to my vote, this president will be a causality of just one term. But a lot of damage can be done in four years; damage to the national debt, to the elderly who are fully satisfied with their health plans, to school curricula (such as explicit conversations regarding homosexual behaviors)...I could go on but enough is enough.
Pray for deliverance from happy extremists who just happen to also be elected/appointed to posts of governing/advisors.
p.s. I am searching for volunteers to help host a retirement party for Speaker of The House (lingua en bucca).

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