Monday, September 14, 2009

The Garage Sale That Was, But Was Not

Yesterday we had a Garage sale in an attempt to get rid of stuff that has been accumulating for years. The signs went up and we prayed. And did God answer our prayers? In a mighty way; Yes. One young man showed up and stayed from about 9:30 through lunch (which he greatly enjoyed). I was so impressed with him; the way he thought, his knowledge of healthful living, the Bible, and what is truly important in life. The G-sale sort of got in the way of our conversation at times.
And then there was an older couple-but younger than us-with whom we witnessed about healthful living. He has had a stroke, two carotid endarterectomies (cleaning out the carotid arteries in the neck), cardiac bypass surgery, and back surgery. Jeane and I outlined the benefits of a plant-based diet-did I mention he was diabetic-and how this could decrease weight (which would help back pain anb hypertension), possibly allow him to decrease or discontinue diabetes meds, lower cholesterol, and aid in removing plaque deposits in his arteries. Jeane poured out her expertise as a vascular nurse, and we gave him and his wife a complete verbal outline of the diet and suggested he try it for just 28 days and evaluate the results after checking with his physician. Well, praise the Lord, he left here saying "I'm gonna do this!"
The G-sale? We made a few dollars and will put the stuff back that didn't sell, but in our hearts and minds it was an outstanding success for the Lord! What could be more important?
God Bless and praise His Name.

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