Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Call for Prayer Warriors

Some time ago I volunteered to become a Prayer Warrior for 3ABN. Every week I receive long, really long, lists of requests for healing of all kinds: cancer, addiction, strokes, heart disease, mental disease, needing jobs, repossession of home, divorce.....
The hardest part about being a prayer warrior is reading the stories about sick and dying children: parents and family crying out to the Lord.
Anyone out there with the heart, the will, and the inner fortitude to "listen" to these voices crying out for help are encouraged to either go online and contact 3ABN, or to be a "closet" warrior and pray for those you know and those you don't. Joining the battle for Christ as a PW is heart fulfilling and heart breaking. I will say to you what one sports company says to consumers; "Just do it!"
Blessings for all that you do for Jesus Christ. e.c.

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