Sunday, December 27, 2009

In Defense of, From The Mind...

I ask myself; "Why do I feel compelled to write?" and "Who really cares about what what I may be thinking about today...or any day, for that matter?" I know the answer, and have known it since before I began this Blog.
The reason is buried in 60 years of writing poetry, essays, and other avenues of expression to put the world on notice about what I think is important. But you know, as I know, that the "world doesn't really care what I think about issues spiritual, or political, or ethical. But to me this is serious have an opinion on issues that matter; that make a difference to those who temporarily inhabit this waning planet.
The burden shifts from time to time and presently rests on what is happening in Protestantism at large: a huge shift away from the cause(s) that killed many reformers signaled by a surrender of fundamental pillars in their church; exempla gratia, the divinity of Christ, inspiration of the Bible, centrality of the Gospel, immutability of truth, and Jesus Christ as the only Way, Truth, and Life.
Driven by the Enemy of all Truth, the minds of many men (their names might surprise) are bent to reinventing and redesigning the church and its worship so as to resonate with the world. In the physics of sound (music) resonance is heard as harmony and when have the church and the world harmonized? If they have, and when they have, the only result can be a dissonance in purpose and outcomes to our God.
However clumsily stated, however awkwardly worded, however meagerly designed, now you know why I write. More than that...why I have to write. Sorry, I am unable to talk about sports, cars, TV, or most other "stuff." I was designed differently than most; not better, just different, and I will be (perhaps) the first to recognize and acknowledge that "difference."
God Bless. e.c.

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