Sunday, November 14, 2010

Luke 23:11,12

"Then Herod, with his men of war, treated Him with contempt and mocked Him, arrayed Him in a gorgeous robe and sent Him back to Pilate. That very day Pilate and Herod became friends with each other, for previously they had been at enmity with each other."
 Is it odd, or is it not; that when Herod and Pilate each had their turn at mistreating the Christ, that there came from that a bond of friendship where previously there had been none.
Is it odd, or is it not; that when evil agents unite against righteousness, that differences are put aside in favor of the common goal of persecution, or even torture and death as history has shown so clearly; as clearly as the six o-clock news.
The Scandinavian countries--Denmark, Norway, and Sweden--have united in their efforts to deport Iraqi Christians who fled their country amidst the torrents of bullets, invective, and Shia-Sunni murders. Sadly, Sweden is especially intolerant of out-of-country Christians. On 17 November they will be sending an airliner to Baghdad and it will be carrying Christians to a very uncertain reception; death, perhaps.
As time winds down and the forces of evil unite against the righteous remnant people of God, former enemies will unite under Satan's leadership for the sole purpose of destroying God's people; those living on the earth at the time of His second coming.
I don't "know" this to be certain, but these verses in Luke look to me like a prophetic mini-glimpse into a league of evil made up of former enemies who find commonality in the prosecution, persecution, and even death of His saints.
If one reads Revelation Chapter 16 (vss. 12-14) there is an unholy trinity made up of the dragon, the beast, and the false prophet. And out of their mouth John saw three unclean spirits, like frogs, that go out to perform signs and miracles for the final seduction of unbelievers and those who say they believe but do not obey His voice.
Just something to think about. e.c.

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