Sunday, January 4, 2009

A New Constitutional Convention

Most of you are smarter than I (ask my wife) so you are probably aware of what has been growing since the 70's.
There have been calls to convene a new (Convention, Congress) to re-examine the Constitution of the United States.
Someone said that "...the final movements will be rapid..." Well, the fall of the Berlin Wall was rapid. The disintegration of the USSR was rapid. The 911 terrorist attack was rapid. Though the build up to our present financial took time the resulting breakdown was rapid. The present chapter of the Israeli conflict with Hamas opened rapidly. Need I say more about rapid movements? Probably not.
So what is this thing with a new Constitutional Convention? I just read about it. (Fat and dumb) (Well, maybe thin and dumb). Anyway, here is what I learned today; It takes a majority of 34 states signing on to approve a new look at the Constitution. States have been signing on since the mid 70's and presently 32 have formally approved just such a congress. The next state in the sites already signed on is Ohio. 32 + 1 =33. So that means there's just one to go. Now if states are calling for a review of the "original" my viscera are telling me that they must think something is amiss...perhaps a change is needed. If there were to be a change/changes would it involve additions only, deletions, only, editing only?
I took the time to write to NARLA today and ask, "What's Up?" I'll let you know what they say. I don't see any reason to get excited----yet----but I do see reason to follow the instructions of Christ; particularly where He says, "WATCH"! So I'm watching and encouraging you to do the same.
Hmmm. Maybe the final movements in the Great Controversy really will be rapid. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, my response is to keep giving my money to God for Him to use; keep talking to everyone I can about His soon coming; and----live like there is another tomorrow all the while thinking----maybe not.
Whatever, stay close to the Lord. Remember, those who "keep the commandments of God and faith of/in Jesus" have nothing to fear----except fear itself.
God Bless. e.c.

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