Saturday, September 25, 2010

E=mc2...or something like that

Creationists...those who actually believe that there is a God and that this alleged God Created my merely speaking matter into existence. Preposterous! Except for the fact that I am a creationist. Let me explain.
Man has been able to figure out how to split the atom (fission) and thus devise atomic weapons; a dubious accomplishment making capable the destruction of the entire world and every living creature. That not being quite a big enough bang, the "all wise" mind of man developed the hydrogen bomb (fusion) which is many times more powerful than the atomic bomb. The sun is powered by fusion; I submit that as a visual aid to understanding.
I also submit that any God too small to be able to speak matter into existence is too small to be God (I have said that before). Think about this; if man can create energy from matter, then is it a too-hard thing for God to use His omnipotence (having all power) to create matter from energy? I say, "No!" in spite of protests to the otherwise from Peter Dawkins and Sam Harris. There is not superscript available here but the quasi equation would look something like this; M=e/c2.
You can't really tell, but the equation says this: Mass equals Energy (power of God) divided by the speed of light....squared (multiplied by its self).
Today is the Holy Sabbath Day. Jesus Christ is the Creator [Colossians 1:15-17] and thus He created all things including the Sabbath Day [Genesis 2:1-3]. These are the reasons He can legitimately lay claim to the title as Lord of the Sabbath [Matthew 12:8].
Therefore, summarizing all this complex and lofty scientific reasoning...Happy Sabbath! e.c.

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