Sunday, September 19, 2010

Vanessa...A Study in Courage

We are almost equidistant from last Spring and next Spring; a season that holds a lot of meaning for me because of a butterfly known as Painted Lady (Genus, Vanessa).
To the practiced eye they can be seen on their migration path that takes them from northern Mexico, Southern California, Arizona, etc. all the way to southern Canada. For days on end these beautiful nymphalids (four-footed butterflies) fly from south to north, driven and guided by a force only God understands.
They are not turned aside from their mission.
Some never see them and never understand nor appreciate the purposefulness of Vanessa. Others are annoyed by the delicate dust (colorful scales on the wings) that is left on their windshield by the thousands who die en route.
Vanessa; a lovely name for a lovely butterfly. This link will take you to a site that pictures several species and shows migration routes.
When life is hard and courage seems in short supply, ponder the courage of Painted Ladies. And next Spring; watch for them because they will flutter by seemingly numberless. Enjoy; now, and then. e.c.

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