Sunday, December 12, 2010

Does Islam Know of This Verse? Do They Care?

Radical called...believe they are called to terrorize the world into believing as they believe and would destroy all who would disagree, debate, or depart from the faith.
Evidently they either do not know of this verse; or perhaps they misapply, misinterpret...or worse yet...ignore it all together.
Here is the verse as found in the Quran and Hadith: [Surah 10:99] "If it had been thy Lord's will, they would all have believed--all who are on earth! Wilt thou then compel mankind, against their will, to believe?"
Many in Islam cannot read and they trust those who tell them what is true when it may not be true. What would be the motive of submerging this verse from the hearts and minds of believers in the world wide nation of Islam? I do not know.
Blessings on all Muslims who read, understand, and live according to Surah 10:99. "Wilt thou..." e.c.

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