Monday, December 13, 2010

Dear Congress Men and Women

Are these verses from the pen of the Old Testament prophet Isaiah fit for today...and tomorrow...and as long as there are politicians intent on imposing their perverse will on the heads of the people? You decide.

Woe to those who decree iniquitous decrees,

and the writers who keep writing oppression,
to turn aside the needy from justice
and to rob the poor of my people of their right,
that widows may be their spoil,
and that they may make the fatherless their prey!
What will you do on the day of punishment,
in the ruin that will come from afar?
To whom will you flee for help,
and where will you leave your wealth?
Nothing remains but to crouch among the prisoners
or fall among the slain.
For all this his anger has not turned away,
and his hand is stretched out still.

(Isaiah 10:1-4 ESV)

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