Saturday, June 18, 2011

Smarter 'n me

I bought a "Droid"... it's a phone...a smart phone. Within minutes of showing off the phone to my wife she said, "It'll take you the rest of your life to learn how to use it."  She's probably right; after 54 years I know that.
Actually, it's not just a phone; it's a computer, camera, video camera, hand-held TV, radio, GPS, telephone directory...and Bible. In fact, there are five Bibles (different versions) including Strong's Exhaustive Concordance! During Bible study at church I just touch the app and there it is...the study lesson, complete with links to all the texts in the lesson.
Why is this important enough to write about it? It has to do with the soon coming of Christ; it's all about Him. Anyone with a smart phone--and that's a lot of people--can tune in to Seventh-day Adventist programming--audio or video--anywhere there is a signal and that's almost everywhere. Speaking of which signs of the times are everywhere; lift up your head, our redemption is drawing nigh.
Here's a question: when in history has the whole world been in such turmoil? militarily, politically, morally, monetarily, ecologically, meteorologically (weather)...when?
The news is bad about the food supply...or should I say...dwindling food supply. Much of the world is hungry and if we are paying attention we can see it's getting worse.
On the other side of the ledger it means that the second coming of the Christ is very near, and that is what believers have hoped for since Jesus left this earth after His resurrection.
Why I-phones, I-Pads, I-Pods, Android smart phones? It is for such a time as this; to spread the Gospel around the world at the speed of light; the truth of God and about God is available 24/7.
One missionary from Madagascar told me that there are cell phones where there is no electricity...really? Yes. One person is responsible for collecting phones in a village and charging them at night.
If you want to watch streaming Christian TV on your computer Google these websites...

These links can be a real blessing. It's the Truth. Check it out. Christ is coming...soon!e.c.

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