Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Promise...perhaps just for today

I hereby promise to cease and desist complaining about the (lousy) rainy weather here in western Washington. The reason being...for this (sort of) repentance, is this: Thinking of Minot, Joplin, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, the folks along the recently flooding Mississippi River, frigid New England, water shortages in the Southwest, hurricanes along the Gulf Coast, and half-mile-wide tornadoes that tear up whole towns like an airborne rotary mower... There is really little or nothing to complain about, though complain I do. My neighbor was right when he said, "I love the weather here, when you compare it to what's go'n on in the the rest of the country." He's right.
So, no more complaining.
Unless of course it rains on the 4th of July...which it almost always does.
Note: this will be the last weather-related post for 2011. e.c. 

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