Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Kind of Unkind Kindness

Yesterday we traveled to the city. I guess Olympia is "the city;" if you live by a lake in the woods (as we do) any more than two people is too many.
Anyway...there we were in Lowe's waiting to check out when I noticed the man behind me had no cart and I couldn't see what he wanted to purchase. "Do you need to pay for something?" I asked. Without saying anything he opened his hand and showed me what he was buying. I don't remember what it was, but it doesn't matter; it was one small item.
Feeling large-of-heart and wanting to showcase my pious, Christian self I said "Why don't  you go ahead of me." Without saying a word  he went ahead..and it was then I got irked. Thinking "he should have been grateful and said 'Thank you'...or 'Thanks'...anything but silence. It was then I opened my mouth and said "You're welcome." No, not in a snide or rude tone...I had already been rude. It was more of a teacherish, parenting kind of way. Looking at me, he spoke very softly, thanked me and expressed his (extracted) appreciation.
Well, my wife witnessed the entire episode and quietly pointed out that if one does a kind deed and then is upset and rude about it, the kindness is undone.
She was right.
My poor wife; the index finger on her right hand is arthritic from pointing out my misdeeds and rude words over the last 54 years. (Sigh)...there have been many, and I am slowly bleeding out from their small bites as they come to mind. Satan 1, Ed, 0; Jesus Christ gets a 10...a perfect score. Thank you Lord. e.c. 

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