Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Real Coin, Really Lost

This is a true story. A man I know inherited a coin collection; gold coins. Generous soul that he is, he decided to give each family member one coin. Somehow, one happy recipient "lost" his coin before leaving the house.
Everyone in the family looked and looked but alas, no coin. He that received the coin felt terribly badly about losing it; he that gave, gave again after a week or so with consoling "Don't worry about it" words of kindness.
It was...I think...two months later, while looking for a particular DVD that the real coin that had been really lost, was found.
We serve a loving and generous God who loved His children so much that He gave the most valuable gift in His treasury; His only Son. And if we choose to accept the gift we will inherit not just one gold coin...or a bucket full...but eternal life. We will walk where gold is used for paving the streets.
Each of God's children is more valuable than a gold coin; more valuable than all the gold in the world. Think of the price that Jesus paid for our salvation...God (in Christ) died so that we can live for eternity. He comes looking for us; searching in all the "lost" places for even one soul who will believe and accept the gift.
What is our answer to Him who came seeking to save those who were lost? Do we want to be "found?" e.c. 

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