Monday, December 6, 2010

For a Time, a Final Post

Hello dear follower(s); It is with a heavy heart....sorry, wrong speech....Ahem: I have accepted the task of helping to write a textbook for freshman dental students; Christian Ethics for Dentists.
Many days I spend an hour or more thinking, writing, revising, etc., the content of each post. While I am working on the book and Power Point project I feel I need that hour in the morning. It's getting harder to clearly see the computer screen and by early afternoon I have to stop. Therefore, I feel compelled to pause a project that has gone on since 2008. Blessings to all who have read, commented, and connected from near and afar.
But I promise......there will be more....anon. Blessings. e.c.


Flutterby said...

God's blessings on your text book.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to hear about your project, but sorry that you won't blogging for a while. I pray that you will be guided by God as you write.