Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fully God, Fully Man

Have you wondered why the Christ was born as a babe in Bethlehem? The answers are profound, quite simple, and forensic (legal).
You probably know that there are rules of engagement in war. All this was worked out decades ago in the Geneva Conventions. Of course there are rogues who follow no rules and use war as a way to practice and perfect cruelty to the highest possible level.
The Bible says that there was "...war in heaven..." [Isaiah 14:12-17]. We won't go into the "why" war began but instead we'll talk about "how" that war was, and is, being fought.
Christ came to this earth for one purpose only, to lay the groundwork for the salvation of man and the destruction of the E-Bola-like lethal virus of sin. He did both. To draw an analogy, Satan makes war much like the terrorists today. We never know when or where he will appear or what uniform he will wear. (one of the rules is that a soldier is to be easily recognized by their uniform). Terrorists appear as police, ordinary citizens, women, and even children.
Satan was the first terrorist and he will be the last. God and His angels do not, will not, and cannot mislead in any way. Their mission is "straight ahead." So when Christ came to earth, in order to be Compassionate Redeemer it was essential that He fully apprehend the meaning and feelings of what it is like to be fully human.
He experienced hunger, exhaustion, sleeplessness, pain, sorrow, rejection, loneliness, betrayal, torture, crucifixion, and eventually death.
By doing so His life was not an abstraction of love and redemption; His life was a catalyst that accelerated the reactive collision between Good and Evil. Being "The Son of Man," was a requirement; and article of engagement, if you please. The Book of Hebrews says, speaking of Jesus, that '...we do not have a High Priest who cannot be touched with the feelings of our infirmities but who was in all points tempted just as are we' [paraphrased]. It had/has to be that way.
Satan is the Al Quida (Al Qaeda) of the universe. Christ has an army of angels, uniformed, trained, orderly, eager to follow and hasten the end of the war. Every war that has ever plagued man is a microscopic dramatization of the Real War that has claimed untold billions of casualties over the millenia.
Will it end? Yes! When? We only know it will be soon.
We're not happy to know only "soon" it will end because that has been the hope for centuries. But this we know; Jesus Christ and His holy Army of angels will be victorious; no question.
God Bless, and stand your watch for Christ. e.c.

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