Saturday, October 18, 2008

If It Weren't For My Grandson

Grandchildren are smarter and much more informed than I recall from my years as a grandchild. For more than a week I fought the computer and the Internet trying to set up a blog. My grandson did it in mere minutes from the other side of the world--literally--from Mongolia. Like I said, grandchildren are smarter these days.
Usually I write about things ethical, moral, spiritual... substantive. I will post my thoughts on matters ecclesiological and eschcatological. If there is an underlying theme--and there is--it will be to speak in defense of the character of God which is much maligned and misunderstood by the (mostly) misinformed.
The next posting will deal with the issue , Why Bad Things Happen to Good People. Many end up hating God because they are convinced that He is responsible for everything that goes wrong in the world. Insurance companies have a phrase for these calamities; acts of God. Stay tuned; and if you can't do that, tune in, join in, contribute your thoughts, and help resurrect the truth about God.
Caution:I refuse to post mean-spirited comments because they are dissonant with the purpose and philosophy of this blog. e.c.

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