Friday, October 31, 2008

"Trick-er-Treat!!":But Not For Children

Certainly it was not on the eve of hallowing dead saints when Eve wandered off by herself into the midst of Eden just to "look at" what God had warned her "Not to touch." But Eve, being the more social of the pair went off in search of new perspectives.
Lucifer, (a.k.a., Satan, the devil, the father of lies, a liar from the beginning, et cetera) was waiting. Satan, wisely costumed as what was one of the most beautiful creatures of God's creation, was 'hanging out' near the tree of Good and Evil. Hoping (perhaps praying to himself) that one of the pair would pass within earshot, the devil didn't have long to wait.
Eve soon stood near the tree contemplating its beauty, probably wondering how anything so beautiful could be so deadly. (I've heard there are women that are like that tree). Anyway, the father of lies, loosed a long, low whistle that caught her ear and Satan caught her eye. He asked Eve, "Didn't God say that that you could eat from any tree in the garden? (Seeds of his "trick" are planted in the mind of Eve). Eve replied, "Well, yes that's true except He said that this one tree--the one that has the knowledge of good and evil, we are not supposed to even touch".
Comment: One has to assume God had held classes for Adam and Eve, all on the 101 level, in "Good," "Evil," "Death," "Temptation," "Sin"; all the basic stuff which, if they did their homework, would keep them out of trouble. Well, evidently Eve spent her evenings watching 'Wheel of Misfortune' instead of boning up for the big test.
Back to Our Story. So Satan says, "It's not true (what God says), you're not 'gonna' die (already his vocabulary was slipping). Besides, God knows that when you take just a little taste of this beautiful fruit your eyes --by the way, they are beautiful--will be opened and guess what; you'll be just like God; you'll be smart like God; you'll enter a new, higher, more exciting sphere of existence. Besides, aren't you tired of just doing this borrring gardening stuff? The trick is in the trap and it's set to spring.
Eve picks the fruit, takes a bite, and waits for a peyote-like reaction; not much really; like smoking dried banana peelings. Fruit in hand she finds Adam and says. "Here; try this. It's not bad."
Adam heaves a big sigh because he knows what's up and so he takes the treat Eve offers and makes the decision to eat the fruit. Eve was tricked. Adam treated the warnings of God lightly and soon they saw they were naked and wrapped their bodies in the large leaves of a tree to hide mostly their shame.
Adam and Eve had to wait several hundred years to feel the final clause of God's warning, but it came. It came with a vengeance; murder of one of their first two sons, sickness, labor pains, sweat, weeds, and worst of all, the cackling laughter of Satan echoing through the corridors of space; his signal to all the worlds that he had "tricked Adam and Eve into a 'treat' with deadly, eternal cosmic results.
"Trick-er-Treat!! e.c.

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