Saturday, November 1, 2008

Lord, End The Insanity! Please!!

When I wake up in the morning usually the first thing I do is to flip the top of my computer, fire it up, and check what's happened in the world while I was somewhere unawares.
I know the readers already know that last night, on the first night of "el dia de los muertos" (the day of the dead), a 12 year-old boy was shot from inside a house by a 22 year-old man?? where he, his father, and siblings had stopped to "trick-er-treat." (His mother witnessed it all from the car where she was waiting.)
The lad died in the hospital. Though the father and other children were injured thankfully their wounds were not as serious.
I sit and stare at the paleness of the page trying to cover it with words in a vain attempt to say something that will make sense. But there is no sense to be made of this.
I'm thinking, "That is the way it is with sin." If one could somehow make sense of it; if one could give a reason for the existence of sin perhaps we could feel better because we would know "why" this happened. But herein is the problem (or, the catch if you please): If someone could give the grounds for the existence of sin, then sin would cease to be sin because the grounds or reason would justify it's existence. (I distinguish here between cause and reason. Christians know the cause). Without a reason it is impossible for us to understand, and that is what crushes and compels us to cry out to God, "God! I don't understand! Why did this happen?" Silence.
But if you look, you will find comfort and even peace in The Book (The Bible). The Christ was killed expressly for the purpose of putting an end to things just such as this.
Oh, we know what happened and we know how it happened and we know who did it. None of these explain "why," and that is what constitutes the maddening mystification of sin.
Some of you pray; some of you don't. I pray. Deep within my soul, my "Nephesh," I am compelled to complain to God about the insanity of sin and to ask Him, "How long, oh Lord?" How long will the madness continue before You declare from the heavens the same way You did from the Cross, but with an eternal finality, "IT IS FINISHED!!!"
If you pray, ask our God who said, "I will never leave you nor forsake you.;." ask Him to comfort this family and hold them in His hands: to cover them with His wings the way a hen covers her chicks.
This family will search for some kind of meaning and there will be none. They will try to understand why they have been tragically victimized and they will not.
I don't have anything wise or deep to offer today because I am sinking in sadness over the mindless death of a boy I do not know who was the son and brother in a family I do not know.
But this I do know: Jesus Christ will soon put Death to death and for me, that can not happen soon enough.
Last night was el noche de los innocentes, el noche de los angelitos, el noche de los muertos. And they call it a Hallowed Eve, a "holy night." How strange. How sad.
I weep. e.c.

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