Saturday, November 8, 2008

Throw-Away Souls

The Rwandans slaughtered each other for no reason except that some belonged to one tribe and others to another. The United States did nothing except perhaps to issue a statement which in summary said, "Too bad!"
In the Sudan (south of Egypt) parents have been murdered and children were/are being made slaves of their captors. And the U.S. does nothing but perhaps lament and issue a formal protest; "Terrible!"
Illicit trafficking of humans to be used for slaves, for prostitution, for all sorts of despicable acts, is estimated to involve between 600,000 and 820,000 women and children a year. And the U.S. does nothing.
Do slaves have control of wealth, power, oil, minerals? No.
Is there any financial advantage to be gained if a nation, any nation were to come to the aid of the displaced, the disadvantaged, the down-trodden? No. We have other things, more important things to worry about.
We have to protect and preserve the oil reserves of the world? We have to use our power to preserved the status quo in the balance of world power.
If you look for the "ethic" of America you will find it in its purse; in its wallet, it its financial portfolio. America is a partner in the business that throws away souls; women and children mostly (the men are usually killed).
Throw-away souls can be found in every country of the world. America has legalized, sanitized, and packaged its throw-away program until most in American find it acceptable. It's acceptable because it is invisible. We call it abortion.
And where is the church in all this?
The Catholics are very vocal and adamantly oppose abortion.
The Protestants are more ambivalent and not nearly as effective in opposing the murder of the innocents; los innocentes; las innocentes.
Churches too are guilty of throwing away all sorts of inconvenient human beings; pedophiles, homosexuals, transsexuals, addicts, alcoholics, prostitutes, etc., etc., etc.
Evidently there is a sentiment in the church (perhaps my church, or your church) that acts out the epithet, "To hell with 'em."
If we (that is the editorial, "we") do not come to their aid in Rwanda, Hong Kong, India, Atlanta, Seattle, your city, my village, we are saying, "To hell with you!"
Any action we take; any inaction we embrace, any attitude we adopt that ignores the innocentes of any age or any color is, in its essence, another crucifixion of the Christ who died to save mankind.
If you're wondering who is included as "mankind," it is every person you see, hear, touch, or talk to on any given day. Simply put, it is everyone. We, the church, are without excuse in the sight of God if we purposefully neglect or ignore any person or group of persons simply because we consider them unsavory and unacceptable for any reason.
Be certain of this; if that is our attitude THEY will go into the kingdom of God ahead of us and they will do so because someone told them that God loves them and died for them.
There are no throw-away people! None! Think on these things.


Margie said...

You put it very well. I think sometimes we think that we have the right to gather our righteous robes about us when we see someone we deem to be a greater sinner than ourselves. That's a very good indication that we may be the greater sinner. I believe that the Bible says pride is the sin God hates most.

Thanks for writing

oldmaned said...

For Margie; thank you so very (humble)much. It is support such as this that keeps me writing. God bless. e.c.