Monday, November 10, 2008

Thinking About The Mark Of The Beast

The human brain is an extremely complicated organ, containing billions of connections between brain cells. There are different types of brain cells and different parts of the brain control different aspects of what we call, life and living.
The frontal lobes make up about 37% of the human brain. In primates (chimpanzee, etc.) the frontal lobe is less than half this number. As dog's brain is about 7% frontal lobe and a cat's about 3%.
So, what is this all about?
It is about our spirituality and the controls the frontal lobes exert over our behavior, and more.
The frontal lobes are responsible for:
1. Emotional control
2. Personality
3. Motor function(s)
4. Problem solving
5. Spontaneity
6. Memory
7. Language
8. Judgement
9. Impulse control
10. Social and sexual behavior
Many Christians are concerned about "The Mark of the Beast", [Revelation 14:9, 10], and well they should be. These verses reveal the dreadful results of receiving the "Mark." But Christians, we have a problem! Listen to Christian radio or watch Christian TV and you will soon discover that most believe the "Mark" to be literal or perhaps some sort of implanted microchip that will enable the bad guys to track believers everywhere they go. Not so: And why.
The Mark of the Beast is said to be either in the forehead or in the hand and one is wiser to think in a spiritual sense rather than literal.
Worship is the great issue in the battle between Good and Evil and it is the issue here as well. As one can see from the list above, the frontal lobes are the seat of judgement. One has only to consider "judgement" to discover how important this particular activity should be in our walk with Christ.
In order to exercise judgement one has to weight and prioritize data. That could involve buying a house, engaging in sexual activity before marriage, whether to save or to spend our time, money and other resources. But most importantly, judgement functions to determine whom we will serve; Christ or satan.
Therefore, knowing the these important frontal lobes lie directly behind the forehead, it seems to make more sense that the "Mark of the Beast" is not some sort of implanted microchip; instead, it is received when one makes the decision, concludes, determines, or, after weighting their alternatives, makes a judgement to serve (worship) satan rather than Christ.
Why then a mark in the hand? Judgement is not a factor. A mark in the "Hand" is symbolic that one concedes to the demands of The Beast as a matter of convenience so as to be able to "buy and sell" [Revelation 13:17].
In the forehead, the Mark of the Beast signals and rational decision; one has decided to solve the problem (a frontal lobe function) by agreeing with the demands of this evil power.
In the hand, one is exhibiting a concession made for convenience and this does not involve any of the deeper issues of judgement such as loyalty, worship, devotion, etc. It's much like going to hear Jesus speak so we can get some free fish and bread; same thing [Matthew 14:16-21].
The battle between Good and Evil, Christ and satan, always has, and always will be, about worship. Worship of the Christ requires one to pay a price. In advance we may not know the price. It could mean loss of family, abandonment by friends, loss of income, or, as was the case for most of His disciples, loss of life.
The question remains; whom will we worship? Who will choose the easy and convenient path and thus be marked in their hand? Who will truly believe that the Beast is the better of the two choices; Christ or satan. These will be marked in their mind; in their foreheads, in their seat of judgment.
Choose wisely, carefully, prayerfully.
God Bless. e.c.

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