Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Anybody Have A Pepto?

My stomach is in knots and it's not even 10:00 a.m. Two items I read on the computer (one a Power Point essay on the Holocaust; the other a Blog link from NARLA) have me all wound up, angry and roaring to write. But first I have to ask the Holy Spirit to moderate me (I write the word but have no idea what "moderate" looks or feels like), so as to not run the risk of offending. Come to think about it I guess I, like Paul, should not be deliberate in offending but should be careful in my words: I'm not sure I know how to do that.
One item that offended me was a Power Point pictorial of the results of the Holocaust, but most particularly, the comment (be it true or not I know not), that Great Britain has dropped the entire Holocaust topic from its educational curriculum out of concern of offending its Islamic citizens; which are many.
Either Great Britain is cowardly or pragmatic; cowardly if they folded out of fear of retribution in its most flammable form, or pragmatic, in order to avoid the flames and exploding vests of fanatically indoctrinated men and women. Which is it Mr. Prime Minister?
The second fuse that was lit comes from a homosexually political (re)action bunch in California (of course), who put out a video commercial that allegedly shows two Mormons coming up to the door of a lesbian couple and announcing their intention to tear up their marriage license and strip the rings from their fingers. This has played on 30 television stations in California, has been "praised" in the Los Angeles Times and one of the leaders of this "Kool Aid" drinking bunch (sorry O'Reilly), has appeared on NBC TV. Those gullible enough to believe their sorry propaganda are Kool Aid chug-a-luggers as well.
But here's the interesting part; ...what...if...this group chose to attack Muslims....or...Jews? Impossible!! And why? because there would be protests and retributions across the land. But really, what's to fear from Mormons? I don't know any Mormon who "carries" (a not-so-subtle reference to concealed weapons); at least, the main group of LDS are not known for being violent.
It's open season on Mormons because they chose to speak up, put up, and not shut up. Adventists need not worry because they only "whisper" about matters such as this. But while we rest in the smugness of our socially neutral recliners, remember this; we are next.
But that is true only for the committed who will choose and dare to speak up against the religio/socio/political injustices that are just now coming over the horizon from all sixteen points of the compass.
So as EW .wrote, "agitate, agitate, agitate," but we'd better not offend what's offensive.
I don't think I know how to do that!!!
God Bless. e.c.
p.s. here is the link to the NARLA blogger


gadadhoon said...

meh. What does gay marriage harm? The only thing I worry about is gay adoption, and they can already do that.

oldmaned said...

The existence of gay marriage is one thread in the unraveling of Biblical, traditional societal values. The Bible says that the practice of homosexuality is an abomination. That and the sacrifice of children are two of the reasons that God instructed Israel's children to destroy the surrounding nations when they possessed the Promised Land. They didn't destroy them and many of the practices regained consciousness and invaded the people of God. What does gay marriage harm? It is a systemic, societal infection.