Saturday, November 29, 2008

Did Anyone Say, "Merry Christmas!"

Meanwhile the insanity rolls on. Who doesn't know about the soul who perished under the feet of the mindless shoppers who literally broke the doors of a New York state WalMart when he was dutifully...just...opening the doors of the store yesterday morning?
This tragedy is begging for commentary and there will be plenty.. Here he was, a young man, holding a temporary job with WalMart, and all he had to do the last moments of his life was to open the doors.
Police estimate that about 2000 people broke through the doors and that was when he was pushed to the floor where he was stepped on by a herd of hundreds eager for bargains.
Stuff. These men and women were on the hunt for nothing but stuff; cheap stuff at that. The tragedy of this tragedy is this: The cheapest thing in the store yesterday morning lay on the floor dying from the maddened feet driven by maddened minds. The life of that soul was worth nothing to these shoppers (No! that's too gentle a word; "murderers," better describes what they were).
Ask any of them; "You, lady; did you step on this man?" and she would say "I didn't kill 'em!" Ask the fat guy in the T-shirt and all the tatoos, and he's say, "H*ll no! It wasn't my fault!"
So who is to blame? We are. All of us. Everybody.
That's ridiculous! someone is thinking. Is it? The greed that was acted out there in that store is alive and well in each of us. Some of us are a little more sophisticated in the way we act out our greed, but it is there nonetheless.
The day before Thanksgiving I made the mistake of going to CostCo. They should have had someone at the door selling life insurance. The rush-hour freeway is a piece of cake compared to monstrous people hurtling monstrous shopping carts down narrow aisles; their faces aglare with expression of "I dare you to get in my way 'cause if you do I'll run you butt into the concrete." You think I'm kidding. You think I'm exaggerating. Wrong. The mentality and the behavior was a member of the same family as that exhibited in the fateful WalMart.
Switch gears. What do you think it will be like in the world, in your town, in your neighborhood, when terrorism strikes in the heart of our homeland (like Mumbai, but on a bigger scale)? What will it be like in a national emergency when your local SuperStore runs out of food? Read the story on WalMart again and you'll get a tiny glimpse of what it'll be like. But instead of killing just for "stuff" (made in China), that herd will be killing for food.
I hold the opinion that we have no idea how bad things will be when there is a time of trouble such as never was on the earth. Well, ask the guy on the floor of WalMart and he would tell you, if he could, just how bad it was and how bad it will be.
And Nobody slowed to say, "Merry Christmas." I wonder if WalMart's army of lawyers will be able to wiggle out of this one or if they will be able to wiggle out of this by saying simply, "Your Honor, WalMart is not responsible for this tragedy" "The woman You gave me: She made me do it."
Whooosh! right over your head. Oh well. Think about it and it should come clear.
Pray for the family of this poor man. May God be with them as they mourn their loss. e.c.

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