Monday, October 27, 2008

Jesus Freak Addict

Someone, somewhere, some time ago coined the term, "Jesus Freak." It was supposed to be an insult and perhaps it still is; that is of course unless one IS a Jesus Freak, in which case it is the highest of compliments.
To belong to this elite group one has to have been credentialed and of course there are requirements. Here is the official list:

1. You have to be poor in spirit

2. You have to show proof of having mourned

3. Meekness is essential

4. You need a big appetite and a real thirst for righteousness

5. Being merciful is a big requirement

6. Pure in heart; this one's good for laughs for unbelievers

7. You have to know how to be a peacemaker

8. You have to be able to keep your mouth shut when others lie about you, spread all kinds of malicious rumors and generally hate you

9. Through all this nasty stuff you have to be able to rejoice and be exceedingly glad because you know there's a big reward waiting for you

That's it. The list isn't long but it's tough. What's more you'll never do any of it all by yourself. Hang tough like Paul and ask to be filled with the Holy Spirit...every day

God Bless you, Jesus Freak and welcome aboard.

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