Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Westboro Baptist What???

Fred Phelps, his family and church family, are giving Jesus Christ and Christians a really bad name. These are the folks from Topeka, Kansas who make it practice to parade near military funerals bearing signs that read "God Hates You," Thank God For Dead Soldiers," and other such tripe. But that's just part of the story. One familywas so upset with their antics that they sued Phelps for invading their time of grief and wounding them again on the day of their deep, naked  family pain and distress. The family of the soldier won a court decision and an award. Of course, Phelps appealed and the latest result is that the decision was reversed by the 4th Circuit Court and the father of the dead Marine has been ordered to pay Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church 16 thousand dollars to reimburse them for what it cost to prepare for the trial.
The church (frankly, I hate to use that word to describe this collection bad nuts and dolts) is claiming free speech rights and for some arcane reason the appeals court sided with Phelps. Interestingly, the case will be heard by the Supreme Court later this year but for some reason known only to the judge, the reversal decision was made without waiting for the High Court to debate and decide whether these kinds of demonstrations constitute harassment or will be allowed contine to by hiding in the shadow of the constitution..
To his credit, the attorney for the Marine's family is working pro bono (for free). Following the online article, there was a slew of comments and, as expected, some spoke of their disgust with religion and churches en toto. With Westboro claiming to speak for God who can blame them.
The foundational reason for the reprehensible actions of this alleged church is that God is punishing America for embracing homosexuality and is doing so by killing men and women in the armed forces. There is fuzzy logic but this is not only fuzzy, it contradicts every Biblical-based aspect of the character of God: of which Phelps obviously knows nothing.
Like I said, Phelps and his phake church are a phront phor phony Christianity as they work like the devil to do the work of the Devil.
If you can, go figure. e.c.

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