Saturday, October 9, 2010

Chance to be the hero......

The year was 1953. It was during Phys. Ed. at Lincoln High School in Tacoma. The game was football. In one of the last huddles before the bell, the quarterback pointed a thumb at me and said, "Nobody's watch'n this guy." A clap of the hands, we line up, comes the snap of the ball and I start running...deep. So I stop, turn around, and see this spiraling football coming straight to me. My hands go up to make the heroic catch, and "Thump"! the ball bounces off my chest and weakly dribbles away across the field. The bell rang and I was able to weakly follow the football off the field. I 
I can't ever remember playing football again...but I have an excuse (make that, a reason) nobody ever taught me how to catch a football because there aren't that many one-legged football playing fathers.
Have a good week and remember this; you catch a football running away...with the ball, not into it. It's only 57 years later than I know this.e.c.

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