Friday, October 1, 2010

Toxic News Overload

I'm more rattled than usual after perusing the morning news. The issue today is meanness and corruption.
1. The dean of St. John's University was fired for embezzling 1M dollars from school donations. She was also found to be using students as "slaves" to do housekeeping, chauffeuring family members to important events like hair appointments. She used mostly foreign students and intimidated them by threatening to withdraw financial aid.
2. GMAC and J.P. Morgan Chase are charged with illegally processing tens of thousands of foreclosure notices on beleaguered home owners. Evidently there was (in some cases) insufficient or incorrect information that these lending giants did not take the time to review. One executive complained that he signed as many as 10,000 foreclosure notices a month and "didn't have the time" to examine them for accuracy. (That's an excuse?)
3. STD's for fun and profit. The US is going to apologize for it's Mendelian experimentation in the 1940's on Guatemalan citizens (usually mentally challenged) that were intentionally infected with STD (sexually transmitted disease) syphilis. We, that's the U.S., (us) did this to poor blacks in the South before that. So we say, "Oh. We're sorry" and that's supposed to paint everything white and all right; I don't think so!
War for Sport. U.S. troops have given the world another reason to despise us as a nation and bring shame on the real heroes in the war on terrorism: soldiers committed to preventing the spread of a toxic and corrosive root of Islam. Some (thankfully a small number) are charged with killing Afghan citizens just for the sport of it and collecting body parts (fingers) as souvenirs. This isn't new. Both in Europe and China during the WWII era soldiers collected eyes and strung them like beads.
Everyday I wonder if the new can get much worse; and it does. Satan is collecting all the souvenirs he can before the end, just to torment the people of the earth and their Creator. This will come to an end. I'm wondering what I can do today to move that along today; even if it is just a little.
Sabbath is coming. Blessings. e.c.

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