Tuesday, October 5, 2010

They Spend! Therefore We Are Taxed

A flyer came in the mail today asking us to support opposition (Yes on 1107) to Washington State's recent imposition of taxes on certain food items. Interestingly, Nalley's Thick Chili is taxed but Hormel Chili is not. Why the difference? Because Nalley Valley (as we always called it is in Tacoma; is made in Washington, whereas (evidently) Hormel is not. So, if we are shopping for chili and are aware of this, and we are on a budget, and we want to save money on groceries, what would be the smartest thing to do? That's right! Buy Hormel. And what is a possible/probable effect of this on those who labor among the chili beans? This can't be good for jobs; and you don't have to be a bean counter to figure this out.
Blue Diamond Almonds (honey roasted) are taxed; Blue Diamond Almonds (roasted salted) are not. Go figure.
It's not hard to figure this out. Washington State has spent itself into a 2-3 billion dollar deficit and is putting it on our backs to get them out. Driving through Belfair I saw this sign in the front yard of a house on the Old Belfair Highway: "Vote No For Incumbent!" "Spot on!" I say.
To my mind the logic (assuming it resides in Olympia politics) is confounding; if the decisions to tax or not to tax are linked to where the items are made, and if they are made in Washington and are taxed, then residents of this state are twice punished; manufacturers and consumers! That is the rant for today.
Blessings to all; Lord knows we need them. e.c.

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