Monday, April 13, 2009

DeWitt Satterfield Osgood

This man was pastor for many years of the Tacoma Central SDA Church. I remember, as a young boy, trying to wash the dead bugs off the front of his Chevrolet sedan after he and Margaret (his wife, obviously) returned from a trip to Chicago where he had married Jack Blanco and his bride (Blanco did the Clear Word).
I remember too that the Osgood's were the first to have a rigid contour chair; not at all like the ones today that fold and unfold; the Lazy-boy kind. This monster stretched into the living room and undulated its way nearly to the opposite wall. It was a gift from Colonel Spaulding so that the pastor could have a place to relax. So much for cleaning out that bank of the memory.
Elder Osgood was expert in the Holy Spirit; that is if mere man can be expert in the Spirit. We have his book and I have not read enough of it. But still, today, my burden is the church and the Holy Spirit. There is an order of things in the plan of God and as it regards the Holy Spirit, His Holy Spirit must fall as the Latter Rain before the coming of Christ.
There is need for us to pray daily for the Spirit to do the work of cleansing and righteousness in our hearts before our Lord returns. All ten virgins in the well-known parable [Matthew chapter 25] were members of the church. They had come out of the world and into the church. They believed in God and loved Him. They kept the Sabbath and did not rob God [Malachi 3:8, 9].
The question comes to the church; why then were five admitted to the wedding and five were not? Why did the Bridegroom say to the five, "...I do not know you..." [vs.12].The answer is as simple as it is tragic: Because they did not permit the Holy Spirit to work in their lives and transform their characters into a likeness of the character of Christ. For Him to know us we must be like Him and in order to be like him we must daily invite His Spirit into our life to work in us a work of righteousness. Nothing else we do in the church carries any weight with God and His Christ. Either He will know us and invite us into eternity to live with Him or He will say He does not know us. If we do not have the character of Christ the door to Heaven will be shut in our face. If we do not have the character of Christ it will be because we did not allow the Holy Spirit to work daily in our lives; transforming us into his likeness.
"Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus." [Phil. 2:5]. While it is still today invite the Holy Spirit to be an ever-abiding guest in your life and your home.
God Bless. e.c.

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