Friday, April 17, 2009

Jumping Jehoshaphat!

King Jehoshaphat was a contemporary of the dissolute King Ahab of the northern kingdom, Israel. Jehoshaphat, King of Judah ruled over Jerusalem.
Jehoshaphat rid Judah of the pagan groves and high places where some still offered incense to Baal. He also sent packing some who had claimed Sodom as their home and were evidently "not home" when God destroyed the city.
The king of Judah set up judges and even had a court of appeals in Jerusalem that was ruled over by men whom the king charged to judge faithfully as one would for God.
News came of a league of three enemies that were gathering and headed towards Jerusalem. The king called in a prophet of God who told the king to not fight but stand and watch what the Lord would do. Silly as it might seem to us, the king was told to put singers and musicians at the head of the army; proceeding the men with songs of praise to God.
Through the prophet God informed the king exactly where the enemy encampment could be found. As Jehoshaphat and his army marched, the enemy was confounded by the sound of singing and instruments praising God. In their confusion they began killing each other and soon the bodies of the men of all three armies were strewn about on the hills.
Jehoshaphat and his men marched back to Jerusalem loaded with treasures taken from men who were unable to resist; they were dead.
The "take-home" message here is that when we come into hard places and we seem surrounded, the best defense is to stand still, praise the Lord, and trust in His deliverance. I strongly believe that the low rumble of the approaching armies of evil are already heard by those who are listening, and those who are watchers can see the dust cloud of their approach.
Do you think Jehoshaphat was afraid after he heard the words of the prophet? No! Neither should we be afraid.
To His people God and His angels always begin a conversation with the words, "Fear not."
March on beloved! God Bless.e.c.

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