Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Perhaps you've noticed the not-so-slow advance of the government in seeking greater powers. Just today the house passed legislation that would grant the Secretary of the Treasure (Mr. Geithner) authority to.....well, let CNN say it:WASHINGTON (CNN) -- "The House of Representatives voted Wednesday to give the Treasury Department the power to ban future "unreasonable and excessive" compensation at companies receiving federal bailout money."
Maybe there's a Martha-Stewart-side to this that makes it a "good thing." OR....if like me you study the angles of politics from an end-time may think it not so good.
If the hand of government can pick the pocket of business (fiscal sickness aside) is it possible that it will pick the ecclesiological pockets of the church? Which church? I don' t think that particular point matters much. What say you?
The title of this post (perhaps wrongly spelled) is the Russian word (I hope) for "thank you." It's an tangential allusion to the illusion of our freedoms as we slide into a neo-quasi socialism.
Just think; Nikita Kruschchev would never have had to pound his shoe on the desk at the UN [12 October 1960] and declare, regarding capitalism "My vas pokhoronim!" "We will bury you!" Perhaps the US is busy burying itself far enough into socialism to evoke a post mortem smile on Nikita's death-leathery face. Whatever!
I wonder aloud to myself; "What will throw this country into the arms of a welcoming Europe and 'friends?' " I wonder that a lot. e.c.

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