Monday, December 15, 2008

Cultural Religion

"I'm a third generation (Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, Church of God, Adventist, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, Atheist, Whatever) and I see no reason to change."
Well, how about this: you don't really believe the stuff you were taught growing up but you keep going to church...or whatever. Why would anyone stay in a church that teaches stuff they don't believe? That's an easy question and so is the answer: Your church is little more than a cultural habit.
Church is the place you go for socializing, friendship, dating, conversation, belonging, etc. [It's the place you feel at home; the most comfortable] [Notice worship is not on the list; well, maybe habitually so, but mostly with a wandering mind]. Worshiping without believing is not really worship; it's pretending--worship in order to fit in--or at least look like you're fitting in.
Question: if one doesn't believe in what they're doing, what does it profit?
Answer: _______________ (provided by reader)
Name a church...any church...look around...go ahead...nobody's watching because this is all pretend. Anyway, in every church there are folks who have been there forever and they'll be there forever...even after Jesus returns...because they have no idea what they're doing there.
Anyway, go figure why you go to church, and if you can't figure, then figure why you should stay there.
Remember the story of the sheep and the goats? Well, the sheep gave thirsty folks drinks of cold water, naked folks got clothes, prisoners got visited, and so on. The goats; they kept on grazing in the same field for the same reason and never had a clue why they were there, except perhaps grazing is what goats do so they kept on grazing.
Think on these things.
God Bless. e.c.

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