Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What Is Your Question?

Every teacher knows--or should know--that the absolute best method of teaching is by guided questioning: This is known as the Socratic Method of Teaching after, of course, the Greek philosopher, Socrates.
What every Christian knows--or should know--that the absolute best method of teaching/witnessing is by guided questioning: This is known as Christ's Method of Teaching after, of course. the Messiah, Jesus the Christ.
Some of us wring our hands in frustration and worry about how to witness to friends, family, neighbors, strangers... and the answer, of course, is guided questioning.
It is a friendly, non-threatening, generalized kind of questioning. As a humble example let me tell you about two encounters I had yesterday; one in CostCo and the other in Bank of America.
I was picking up a prescription at CostCo so I went up to the empty counter and asked for my meds. The clerk said, "You have to get in line," and I responded, "What line," so she pointed and said, "That line!" So over to the line I ambled muttering to myself, "How come I didn't see the line?"
There I was behind a big guy (it would take almost three of me to make one of him). when I said, "Hi, big guy!" After a little more small talk I asked, "What do you do?" (he knew what I meant). "I'm a plumber," he answered, which led me to the next question; "How's it goin'? "Not so good," he replied; "[It's] hard to make ends meet!" Which opened the door to the next question; "What's your name?" "Rocky," he answered. "So, Rocky, are you a believer?" I asked. "Yes," he affirmed.
Rather than ending on a question I said, "Rocky, I'll pray that the Lord will send you work; are you O.K. with that? He was next up in line so he walked to the counter but before he left Rocky came back to the line, stuck out his hand, and gave my hand a firm and Christian grip. Thank you Lord!
Next up, the Bank of America. All I had to do was cash a small check so I entertained myself by watching the security monitors and thinking, "Man I look old." Well?? So the teller beckoned me to the counter where I rattled off all the numbers I thought she needed to access our accounts. But no. She said, "I need to see your drivers license." To which I quipped, "I don't have a license. It was taken away for driving under the influence....of the Holy Spirit." She handed me the money saying, "I like that!" I knew she was a believer and that the Lord had given me another opportunity to lift up His Name.
"And the point?", you ask; never be afraid to ask a perfect stranger a question to help pry open the door of witness. Jesus asked lots of questions to lots of people. Be like Christ.
God Bless. e.c.

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