Friday, December 5, 2008

Go Figure!!

I was born and raised in Washington State. It's where I live (with a forty-year timeout in California). Perplexed is my word of the day since I learned that Christine Gregoire (ah, the French), Governor of some, but not me, has given her imprimatur to display ideas and ideology of all who would have something to say. These days that's just about everyone. Consensus is now defined as anyone who agrees with himself or herself. (umm, that was lingua en bucca [tongue in cheek]).
Anyway, the governor, allegedly a woman of faith, has countenanced posting the articles of a-theism next to those of theism.
Don't misunderstand, people are entitled to freedom of expression; I support that and depend on it to post on Blogspot. However, why is it necessary to display conflicting ideas in a way that elicits conflict within one's Nephesh and between those who cherish a different spiritual or traditional view?
Is there something inherently beneficial about conflict? I posit, "No." I'm waiting for something good to emerge from this chapter in the gubernatorial reign of Ms. Gregoire but I am doubtful it will happen.
This seems to be an "in your face" juxtapositioning of conflicting beliefs. And there is no real ideological debate over the two; just smirks at having pulled off something calculated to insult believers.
If the governor thinks this action represents a posture of acceptance and open-mindedness, I count her mistaken. Perhaps she is paying a debt to campaign contributors. Perhaps she is a woman of all faiths and therefore devoted to none. Perhaps she will have something to talk about next time she goes to confession.
Actually, I don't know what is her motive. Like most politicians these days she paints a smiley face and refuses to take calls. Ask me to guess and I will suggest her motive resides within the heart (so to speak) of the two most recent words added to the Lexicon of modern sociological obscenities; "political correctness."
As I once facetiously suggested in the class, Christian Ethics for Dentists, "Whatever!"
Washington State and its governor are the latest inductees in the gyre of national ridicule. Sad!
A small piece of humble advice governor: Learn and live the words to the children's Christian song we knew (even in Washington) over sixty years ago; "Stand up, stand up for Jesus, ye soldiers of the cross. Lift high His Royal standard, it must not suffer loss...." Sola Veritas!!
God Bless, e.c.

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