Saturday, December 13, 2008

None Of My Business

What would you say is the difference between person and persona, and which is most authentic, important, and valuable? If you said, "person", you are correct.
Person is who and what we are. Persona is what we project or how we wish to portray or project ourselves to others. Persona is the facade of You that others see; sadly it is what is too often judged. Persona is the target of all advertising. Person is the object and target of the love of God.
Time spent in front of the mirror is persona-invested. Time spent in the Word of God is person-invested. No one should have to tell you which is the more enduring and protected of the two investments.
When others take authority to "judge" us by what they see, both the process and the outcome are too often shallow and are false either in part or entirety. The Bible says that " looks on the outside but God looks on the heart..."[ I Samuel 16:7].
Appearance is an emotion-based commodity that trades well in the shallow markets of the world. Character is mind and heart commodity that trades well in the markets of heaven.
It is for these reasons that the Bible says, "Judge not that you be not judged." [Matthew 7:1].
People are starting to come out of Babylon [Revelation 18:4]; both the one that is Biblical and incorporated, and their own personal Babylons of drugs, alcohol and "whatever". Shall we judge them? No! Shall we embrace them spiritually and literally even if they come wearing the perfume of the liquor store, if they smell of tobacco, if their clothes don't look like our Sabbath clothes? You answer the question: But for Christians there is really only one answer. Those who think of themselves as religious have more options, none of which are traded in the character-markets of heaven.
Perhaps now you see the point of today's title; "None Of My Business." And if you don't, here it is; Other peoples opinion of me is none of my business. It changes nothing and I would be at fault if I were to allow myself to be influenced (be driven, constrained, restrained, controlled, manipulated) by what others think. (I am being generous here in using the word,"think" to illustrate what goes on in the minds of those who judge an other's persona.)
"Let this mind be in you ,which was also in Christ Jesus." [Philippians 2:5]. The Essayist recommends reading verses 5-11 to catch the full flavor of what Paul is saying. If we allow the Holy Spirit to give us a mind like that "...which was also in Christ..." we will not judge, we will not look on appearance, we will value the person rather than the persona.
God Bless. e.c.

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