Friday, December 19, 2008

What's In The Circle?

Here's a small assignment: Draw a circle on a piece of paper. Now draw another much smaller circle in the center of the first larger center. Consider the large circle as your (two dimensional) sphere of influence for Jesus Christ. What is it, or Who is it that occupies the very center (the innermost core) of your influence?
Don't be too hasty to make a decision. If the answer isn't, Jesus Christ, it's a wrong answer; I would opine.
There is no good work you can think of that will justify the displacement of Jesus from the center of each of our lives. There is no program or project, however worthy in the eyes of the church and/or the community that will countenance elbowing Christ from the epicenter of our best plan(s). If we, if our church, if the Church Board, if any pastor, or person, or peoples labor for any purpose other than that which lifts up Jesus Christ as the Savior of the world; as the Lamb of God; as the Lion of Judah, then that purpose is pursued in vain.
Of course, should one be so foolish as to place themselves in the center then, in agreement with king Solomon, "All is vanity."
The purpose of the church is to present Christ to a dying world: This is its only purpose. Food baskets are good, but not just twice a year on Thanksgiving and Christmas. (People get hungry more often than that.) Giving warm clothing to those who can't afford a new coat is a good thing, but warm coats do not offer salvation. Only the righteousness of Christ brings White raiment that covers all our sins [See Zechariah chapter 3].
No church exists that can feed all the hungry, clothe all the naked, visit all the prisoners, care for all the orphans. However...every church is peopled with believers who believe Christ asks them (personally) to go and tell everyone who will listen what Jesus has already done for them. This is our assignment from Heaven: First and Foremost! Any questions?
Food is good, warm clothes are good, visiting is good, caring for orphans is good, building shelters is good, digging wells for clean drinking water is good...a whole lot of things are good; but "good" is all that they are.
What is "best"? That brings us back to the center of the circle: Jesus Christ is the only hope for the "best solution" for all who are hungry, thirsty, cold, imprisoned, orphaned, sick, dying, enslaved, addicted...and the list goes on and on to sickening inconclusiveness.
In conclusion, if Jesus Christ is not at the epicenter of all our efforts we labor in vain. Re-evaluate, re-assess, re-assign, replace everything not Christocentric with all things Christocentric. I can't begin to suggest what (for any person) what that means for them. I can only suggest the process of searching our hearts and afflicting our souls as we ask the Holy Spirit to lead us into all things profitable for reaching souls for Him.
God Bless, e.c.

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