Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Good News?

I went fishing for good news this morning but ended up skunked (which in icthyological terminology means, "I didn't catch a thing.")
The U.S. House and Senate are burying our great-grandchildren in indebtedness decades before they are born; the wild fires (arsonist-set) in Australia are expected to extract a toll in excess of 200 lives and thousands have lost everything they owned; the market has found another perigee (low point); Washington state issued a call to amateur radio operators [KE6CXF here] to help locate people who have not yet either been assisted or located; a 92 year-old man in Bay City, Wisconsin?? froze to death because the power company put a device on his electric meter that limited how much electricity he could use; the U.S. southwest is in its 7th year of drought; General Motors will lay off 10,000 salaried workers world-wide by May; Benedict XVI embarrassed Germany (Bavaria, actually) and himself by initially brushing aside the views of a holocaust-denying bishop; Greenland is melting; Iceland is melting (financially and politically); Iran thumbed its nose at Obama by putting a satellite in orbit (which signals, "if we can put a satellite up there we can put a nuclear device in Israel or New York"); FEMA was inept again when they admitted that some of the foods sent for relief after the ice storms in the southeast U.S. might be tainted with salmonella. Shall I go on? I guess not.
I'll close with questions; are these or are these not troubled times? Are we or are we not living in the time of the toenails of the image in Daniel chapter 2? Are we or are we not laboring for souls for Jesus Christ? Is He or is He not, 'even at the door'?
Go Figure!
God Bless (we all need it). e.c.

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