Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fairness Doctrine???

The Fairness Doctrine (FD), so called, is being run through the congress... again. I think Nancy Pelosi's face probably hurts from smiling and grinning mile after mile during the president's speech to the congress, the signing of the "stimulus" bill, and...the recent agitation about the FD.
What this means is that if one states an opinion on a public medium (radio, television, etc.) and some ones or one disagrees with what they say, then (now get this)...the opposition must have opportunity to rebut.
If one ponders the peculiar objectives of the Adventist church and the multimedia outlets the church utilizes, it means that the eye in the mind of the Essayist sees something really ugly on the horizon. Just because it's being debated doesn't mean that we will have it shoved down our throats, does mean that some, many, most, or all, of our religious programming could be turned OFF if enough people protest and demand opportunity for rebuttal. Think it can't happen? Keep thinking!
So, for example, if one thinks (in harmony with the word of God) that homosexuality is an abomination, one could be called out and forced to give pulpit-time to a homosexual so they could share their view of marital bliss. Believers, whom the world hates, would most probably be persecuted and/or prosecuted at some point in the [near?] future (or don't we already understand that?). The Democrats are reveling in their ability to leverage just about any legislation they want; and they want a lot. (Lord, whatever happened to the Democrats of my father and grandfather? Deliver us from a manic Pelosi, cadaverous Reed, abominable Frank, a joke named Franken: Pleeease; this is politik?)
When the government gets involved in deciding what is truth and what is not, some one's are doing a whole lot of sculpting on a rough likeness of an image to the beast.
God Bless. e.c.


gadadhoon said...

And why, pray tell, does the world hate Christians? Is it because of their selfless love? Their message? No, it's because they insist on expanding their religion (which, oddly, is very different from mine) into places where it does not belong, like politics and international policy. I think it would be much easier to witness on an effective level if the vast majority of influential "Christian" figures took a vacation. I also think that 3ABN does more harm than good, since it keeps people at home self-righteously agreeing with themselves instead of out and about DOING things, and fosters a closed culture of Adventism.
This is the thing: what is so bad about the sin of homosexuality? Why do we pay so much attention to it, compared to other sins? The gays are VERY fully aware that the Christian world thinks they are reprobates, that message is loud and clear. Don't we have anything else to say? I rarely (if ever) hear any helpful criticism of homosexuality. All I ever hear is constant ranting about the attack of homosexuals and evil against the white, unblemished church. Where is the church referred to as a fortress? I must have missed it. We are losing our credibility as we try to blast this ONE sin and try to hush up all the sins that are just as bad (or worse) inside the church itself.
Everyone says they are fighting against sin, but if you pay close attention you will see that their anger is against a "whom", not a "what". What good is such anger as a witness to this "whom"?
On a different note, I've been wondering what your audience is. It seems like you put a lot of time and effort into your posts, but they're all targeted at Adventists. Unless you've sent your blog address out to a bunch of people I'm pretty sure I'm the only Adventist that reads it. I doubt a random blogger would even understand half of what you say. You should put in code for a IP address locator, like I have on my blog. That way you can get a sense of where people come from.

oldmaned said...

Aha! A comment, and a very good one at that. You make(some) excellent points. Regarding expanding one's religion, that is not the point of preaching; the Gospel is the point. There is a world to warn and it isn't listening nor does it want to. Regarding religion in politics; no lo contendre; id est, I agree. Politics and religion are acid upon acid and nothing could be more base. Christ (obviously) eschewed politics. Regarding homosexuality; perhaps it is an error on my part but there resides in me a force (good or evil) to attack when attacked, but that saps a lot one one's energy. Regarding 3ABN; the message is (according to my 20/400 eyesight) in harmony with Christ's commision to go into all the world. Agreeably, it is too simple and too homely for sophisticated (read, highly educated, Adventists). Of course I'm an Adventist. Regarding why I Blog; it is because my home church asked me to stop writing a monthly piece (From the mind of...) because my pencil was a little too sharp and there were concerns that I would offend or be misunderstood...duh! Regarding my time and effort to Blog; you are correct. This takes a lot of time, effort, dedication, and stupidity. By some standards, it would be so much easier to simply sit by and keep my mouth shut: no criticisms, no ruffled feathers, everyone is left feeling comfy and satisfied with their home-grown religiosity. So why do I do it? Because I can not keep quiet in these times. So, I will keep writing until death (I'm 72) or Christ's coming shuts me up. I hope that I addressed the major points of your thoughtfull reply. If you have not read George Knight's book, The Apocalyptic Neutering of Adventism, by all means do so. He too is unable to just shut up and get in line. God Bless. e.c. (Oldmaned)