Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What Sacrifice?

Today I got a haircut (it had been about eleven weeks since the last one) and while walking back to our apartment I happened to pass a place where women get their nails done. With only a glance I saw six or seven women getting manicures, pedicures, 'fills', and whatever else vanity requires. (Does this sound a wee bit critical? It is.)
Before the next corner my mind turned to the issue of end-times, the work of the Lord and our hope for the finality of the Day of the Lord.
Paragraph two in my thinking was the money spent by Christian's and non-Christian's (men and women) that can be categorized as 'selfishness' and 'vanity'; the same thing, actually.
By the time I got to the crosswalk...hmmm...cross-walk...I was making a personal list of my vanities and selfishness; stuff I buy but don't need; stuff I buy to replace/supplement stuff I already have; 'comfort foods', so called; just stuff that creates a leak in my wallet; a leak that needs to be stopped so the money can be given to the Lord and His work.
Is this some sort of a pious exposition on selfishness that allows me to criticize others (manicures) just so long as I throw in a confession or two? Perhaps, but I'm not aware of it. Television ads urge us to put our trust in Gold; "...there's never been a better time to buy..." But I say, drop the 'l' and put our trust in God.
EW says that the work that could have been done in times of peace and ease will have to be done in times of difficulty. (Don't ask me for the citation because I don't know where it is. I just know that this is a pretty close paraphrase). So, are these hard times? That's a no-brainer! Is Jesus Christ coming soon? Dear God I pray so!
Maybe we who claim to be Christians should search our hearts, wallets, and purses; dig deeper for monies to pour into the work before it's all food for moth's, corrosion, and corruption.
Or maybe we should just sit on our stuff in case we need it during the time of trouble such as never was upon the face of the earth [a paraphrase of Daniel chapter 12].
If this post has offended; sorry about that...sort of.
If this post has challenged; no apology needed.
If this post has motivated; praise the Lord.
God Bless. e.c.

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