Thursday, February 19, 2009

...Your Call Cannot Be Comple...

A shrill three-note sequenced tone vibrates your ossicles (bones of the inner ear) followed by the even more irritating message; "We're sorry, but your call cannot be completed at this time..."
This morning I was trying to make a call to register (what I felt was a mild complaint about not being able to get a response (in three attempts) from a religious broadcasting network.
First I waded through the menu and elected to talk to the operator. After explaining my trilemma I was transferred to the appropriate department where (of course) the lines were busy, but I thought of that as a 'good thing.' I guess what surprised me was the recorded message that they were not available and I needed to call back between certain hours. In my admitted frustration and growing unsettledness I didn't pay any attention to the hours but hung up...disappointed and not a little angry. Time to pray.
Jenny (our wire-haired terrier) was sitting at the door so we went outside; her for a walk and me for a talk with God. After some explaining and complaining I realized that this was a 640-1240 CONLRAD situation; this was a test, and I was failing.
After I complained to God He revealed (explained) to me that phones fail, calls fail, people fail, intentions fail...but He does not fail.
God sent me a message through my wife when I came back into the apartment. In answer to her---"Where have you been"---question I explained what I was feeling. And her response; "God's phone is never busy." Thank you Lord for Your answer to this small frustration and the peace you sent through Jeane.
God Bless. e.c.

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