Monday, February 2, 2009

Hot, Hot-Hot

It's 88 degrees here in Loma Linda and parts about. I can't remember it getting that hot on the lake all last summer. The problem with Southern California is that summer sometimes starts in February and runs all the way through October--or longer.
Winter usually runs from July through September when the temperatures are usually over 100 degrees. I remember one such "winter" in 1973 when the thermometer topped out at 118 degrees. My cousin drove down from Roy, Washington for a visit while I was in dental school and she spent every day, all day neck deep in water at the old LLU swimming pool behind the anatomy building.
You say you don't get it? Well, winter is usually the most uncomfortable, disagreeable, intolerable time of the year (if you live in North Dakota). So think of humid, 118 degree weather as the extreme and 105 degrees as mean, miserable, unbearable, energy draining, wallet emptying (cost of electricity; $300+/m0. when we lived here); that's winter.
If it keeps up like this we may have to leave this place in March and go home where winter means, Winter, and summer means, Summer--sort of.
Would somebody turn down the AC!
God Bless. e.c.

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