Monday, March 2, 2009

Ashamed of My God

"For whoever is ashamed of Me and My words in this adulterous and sinful generation, of him the Son of Man also will be ashamed when He comes in the glory of His Father with the holy angels." [ Mark 8:38].
If you have been studying the Sabbath School Lesson this quarter you are aware that it centers on the gift of prophecy through out the history of God's people. This includes His remnant, visible and invisible church.
I purposely introduced the above paragraph with the qualification, "if", because these days, in any Adventist church, on any Sabbath, few bother to attend Sabbath School. Why do you suppose this is happening? Having taken no solid surveys my opinions are speculative but...let the speculation roll.
1. It begins too early (usually 9:30) and we would rather stay in bed.
2. It's attended mostly by gray-haired folks.
3. It's the same old stuff, taught by the same old people.
4. It's just plain boring; no zing, ancient format, songs with no rhythm, no beat, nothing upbeat, leaves me feeling downbeat.
5. All the teachers do is recite the weekly lesson weakly and I've already read it.
6. Discussions decay into squabbles...sometimes.
7. Ellen White gets quoted over and over and over...
Which brings me again to my point: This quarter's lesson keeps pointing us to the role of EW in our church and we already know all this stuff. Right? Evidently not. One of the most popular pastimes these recent decades is EW bashing..
Some find fulfillment in publishing spiritual pornography (I'm talking about The Proclamation (so called) where I notice one of the editors continuously strip EW from the mind and mouth of members, pastors, confirmed Laodiceans, and anyone else whose ear or eye they may catch.
Everyone is entitled to an opinion but opinions are not the basis of our faith and salvation in Jesus Christ. Evidently we either have grown ashamed or are becoming ashamed of Ellen White, and, if we are ashamed of her who points us to Jesus Christ (in virtually all her writings) does it not follow that we are ashamed of Him to whom she points us as a people and as a church?
I heard that! Someone is accusing me of elevating EW over Scripture. That's nuts!
Whole churches ignore EW because they are led by pastors whose silence on the subject encourages them to do so. Well, I am not a prophet (I guess you already know that); but I am an observer and a listener and I post what I see and what I hear in the hope that someone, anyone, will take a few moments to consider taking the time to study these issues and allow themselves to be convinced by the Holy Spirit as they accept the challenge to "...test all things, hold fast what is good..." [I Thessalonians 5:21] [NKJV].
As a final thought I will posit (put down) that a church that either refuses to study, delays studying, or ignores personal and corporate study, is a church that is dying or dead in the eyes of Him who died for our salvation.
Think on these things...and next week go to Sabbath School prepared to ask questions and challenge the sleeping saints to live a new life in Christ Jesus.
God Bless. e.c.

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